Lunches and Snack Shack

Y Zone's Lunch: Our lunch program has changed. We will be partnering with Simply Gourmet to provide boxed lunches to those who choose. Please stay tuned for more information as we get closer to camp registration.

If your child is not participating in the program, they are to bring their own lunch and snack each day. Lunches are not refrigerated however, they are kept inside in an air conditioned room. Every morning upon drop-off campers will put their lunches in a designated wagon which is then brought inside.

For campers with food allergies, we provide a separate eating area.

Please do not send spending money other than for use at our Zone Snack Shack.

Y Zone's Snack Shack:

Campers can visit the Snack Shack in the afternoon to get a choice of several delicious snacks. For Example: Fruit Pops, Pop Corners, and Go-Gurt. A Y Zone Snack Shack Weekly Pass can be purchased at registration or by Wednesday of the prior week. All payments are made at the YMCA Front desk. Only weekly passes are sold, not daily. These passes are available for $5/week. You may also send your child with $1 to purchase an item at the Snack Shack.