Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure

AM Drop-off:

Parents/Guardians must pull into the Y-Zone Parking lot at the end of Saddle Road. Follow the loop and pull all the way to the end where our Check-in Specialist will be waiting. You will be asked to sign-in using a tablet, from your car and then your child will be escorted into the Y-Zone and brought to their group. Please arrive no earlier than 8:00 AM, unless enrolled in the early drop-off option, which starts at 7:15 AM with an additional fee of $35 per week. Parent/Guardian must sign each child in upon arrival.

PM Pickup:

Pick-up will be a similar procedure. Parents/Guardians must pull into the Y-Zone parking lot and follow the loop all the way down. Our Pick-up Specialist will come to your car for you to sign out. Your child will then be escorted to your car as quickly as possible. Pick-up is no later than 6:00 PM. We will not release a camper to anyone who is not on the Authorized pick-up list.