Camp FAQs

Below are some of the most asked questions regarding Camp. Please feel free to contact with any other questions.

When do we pick up T-shirts? Shirts should be picked up the week prior to camp starting. If you cannot get the shirts before camp we can give them to your camper on their first day. Please note any extra shirts must be purchase prior to the camp starting to ensure your camper has extra shirts. We do not have extra shirts on campus for purchase.

What is the daily preferred method of Communication? We pride ourselves on being visible on campus for the campers and counselors, therefore we may not always answer the phone. You are welcome to leave us a voice message or email us at camp@morristown Either way we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Is there a primary Counselor responsible for each group? We assign a lead counselor to each group. However in the event of an injury the counselor who responded to the injury will be the one to contact you regarding the injury.

Do the belongings of the child stay with them all day via backpack or Stored somewhere else? There are designated spots for the campers to keep their backpacks. Lunches from home are put in a color coded wagon and brought indoors around 9:30 am. We do not have stargaze in a fridge, so please place an icepack in your camper’s lunch bag if it needs to remain cool.

If there’s a heat advisory, are outside activities moved indoors? With the addition of our new facility at 6 saddle road, more activities can be moved indoors should an advisor become active. Please keep in mind we are a camp and a lot of time is spend outdoors, so the campers will be outside as much as possible, within a safe range of time. We also have wooded areas and tents to provide relief from the summer heat.

Does sunscreen get reapplied during the day? We recommend you apply sunscreen to your camper prior to coming to camp each day. Our counselors will take “sun screen breaks” throughout the day. We can assist a camper if needed, but our goal is to create independence with our campers as to them applying the sunscreen them self. When choosing sunscreen please purchase one your camper can apply with minimal help. The groups vary with the number of campers and it can be difficult for the counselor to apply sunscreen to each camper.

What is a typical schedule with basketball camp and changing into Camp vs. Basketball Camp t-shirts? Basketball campers should come in their assign basketball shirt, upon returning to the y zone they will have the opportunity to change into the designated camp group shirt

Can someone other than the listed contacts on registration pick up the child (say, parent of another camper for Carpooling)? We would need written notification of an alternate pickup. Please email us as early as possible the name and relationship of the person to the camper. We will check id and sing the camper out in our program. It is not recommended to give out your pin number. If it will be a consistent pickup person we could assign them their own pin for pickup.

Is there an email distribution list for campers parents for notifications, reminders, Etc.? Private fb page? Each week we will email out a newsletter outlining the events and trips for the campers. We do have a twitter page for updates and pictures, @yzonenj

What is the earliest drop off/latest pick up times? Early pick up ok? The earliest drop off would be at 7:15am, but you must sign up and pay for early drop-off. The earliest pickup we ask be 4 pm. Any earlier and you run the risk of your camper not being back from a trip or missing snack shack. In the event of an appointment please notify the camp director team of an unusual early pick up, email is the best form of communication.

How many trained first aid staff are with kids on premises? All of our staff are required to have basic First Aid and CPR training. We have a few staff members who are also Lifeguard trained. For any serious injuries we will call 911 and alert the camper’s parents.

Where is medical room and aed located? In the main section of our facility there is a medical room equipped with medical supplies, ice and an AED device.

Does medication have to be sent in daily or kept at camp for the duration of summer? Medications such as Epi Pens and inhalers are kept in the groups med bag, which is carried by a counselor at all times. We do not recommend keeping such items in the camper’s bags because they can be clean across the camp at any given time. We also require and Allergy Action Plan, you can get this trough your camper’s doctor.

Over the counter Medication, Advil, Tylenol, etc. if necessary? Prescribed medication procedure? Medications of this concern need to be given to a camp director with written permission clearly stating the time, dates and amount to be given, along with the camper’s full name. These medications are kept in the medical room out of the reach of the campers.

Change at camp before going over or change at pool? Campers change in the locker room at the YMCA. Counselors are in the locker rooms for assistance and crowd control.

Water-shoes necessary or bare ok? Water shoes are not nessacary for pool use. IF your camper would like to wear slides into the pool area that is fine, counselors are not responsible for lost slides.

Silicone ear Piece insertion help? We can help any camper with ear plugs.

What is the typical pool Attire? Swimsuit and towel is all that is needed. Googles are optional

If a child is not to participate in water activities that day, who to notify? Inform a director at drop-off of email the camp.

Is there a swimming test administrated at a different time or every time when entering pool? Swim tests are given to campers at their first visit to the pool. IF a camper would like to redo the test it can be arranged on Mondays or Tuesdays only.

Can swimming lessons be Scheduled during swim time? No swim lessons will occur during the camp day

Is there An “Allergy free” Table at lunch? Yes, we have a designated allergy table for lunchtime.

Are Lunches stored in Coolers? No, in a wagon moved indoors. Please use an icepack if your child’s lunch needs to remain cool.

Are snacks at snack Shack Allergy conscious (peanut free)? Yes, snacks are checked for peanuts, if there is a question we always retain the original package for checking.

In case of an emergency On A field trip, is there A Nurse every time? No, But all our staff is trained in basic first aid and CPR

What is the procedure for Notification of parents? Counselors have a child directory in the medical bag containing parents contact info

Where is medication kept? In the groups medical bag that is carried by a counselor at all times.

In case of a life threatening emergency Were an epipen is to be used, what is the Procedure for notifying Parents/hospital Procedure? The epi pen is administered, EMS are called, and then the parent is called.